Thursday, March 24, 2011

In the beginning... again...

I have been writing "Salt in the City" for over a year now. Sometimes frequently, sometimes sporadically. But always from the heart! I began my blog on April 9th 2010 by saying, "In the beginning, there was light"... and it seemed as though the entire last year has been about freeing myself from my own darkness and reveling in the light of others. A pretty good year! Today, I'd like to begin the next year of blogging with a new theme...

In the beginning... there was an idea! 

Much like these five blank canvases, I feel as if I have great potential for being creative and expressive. To be something greater than I am. And that's why this year has got to be about my time, my thoughts, my inspirations, and my passions. Compared to last years total of three paintings completed. This year is looking hopeful with two paintings finished and five more in the works.

What this all boils down to is this.....personal time management. And how I must completely suck at it! One the other hand, maybe its something that I excel at. I mean, I literally have every precious second of everyday planned. From the second I open my eyes in the morning I can calculate the time to get up, shower, iron and be to work. Where I can then gauge my work and determine how much time I will need to complete all tasks. After the work day, I most frequently block my time for Jason, the friends, or the occasional family get together. What I fail to consider within my own daily agenda is the time for me to relax, unwind, release, create and simply just be.

I have fallen into a ritual of tasks and activities that I continue to accomplish on a daily basis. Everyday the same. And while there is always a high level of achievement. There is seldom a sense of satisfaction of doing what I really want to do.

I have also caught myself starting huge tasks that don't allow me the "Me-Time". Taking an extended time to complete them. And thinking about the next big thing that "has to be done" before I complete the task I have already begun. Again, still not doing the things I want and feel like I need to do. I distract myself. For the last 7-8 weekends I have spent a majority of my time painting walls and floors, fixing closets, ripping up carpet, arranging and re-arranging furniture, blah blah blah! And I always tell myself,  "there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After we complete this task THEN we can relax and create". But I always stop myself from the things I want with additional ideas of "what has to be done next". I also think that if I complain about all the things I have to do to everyone, then I will get more help and sympathy. Sometimes it works. But mostly, I find that other people are doing what THEY think and want to do. My problems really shouldn't be theirs too.However, if you'd like to help, call me direct to schedule a time!

I think the secret is this... really listening to your heart. I know it is telling me what it wants. The head and thoughts are the hearts interrupter. I am challenging myself to listen a little harder to the heart. Thus, allowing my head to rest. Geez, it all sounds so nice saying it aloud. "Listen to my heart and allow my head to rest!" It's almost like a mini vacation. For the next week I will make every effort to relax the mind and allow my heart to lead... I invite anyone to post a comment about following their heart and how they find the time to do what they really want. The more insight the better.

Next blog, Heart: "Free at last, free at last, thank god I'm free at last". Head: "Zzzzz!"

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  1. Great post! I wish I had advice.....Dang I don't~ How do you hear what your heart really wants to tell you with the chaos of life constantly distracting your mind? That is the ultimate question for me I guess~ I do not really know how to listen to my heart~ or is that what I am always doing?
    My heart and head are excited for IFLY tonight and for our next heartfelt adventures! :)