Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The ABC's of Andrew

The ABC’s of Andrew.
A is for Andrew

One Score and 13 Years Ago…I was born May 22nd, 1977, in Salt Lake City Utah. I find it fascinating that of all the places. And in anytime. I chose, (God/Universe chose), for me to be born to Larry and Rosa Benson in 1977 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I believe that EVERYTHING was predestined. Every relationship, every mishap, every good thing, was simply meant to be. Every choice you make continues to take you down the path that was and will always be your life. Deep huh!?!
This is the beginning of my path. My parents named me Andrew Derrick Benson. The Greek meaning of my name Andrew is; Strong, Manly, and Warrior. Okay, so you probably chuckled when you read the word “manly”. Well, maybe I am not Manly by popular definition. However, I am confident that Strong and Warrior, are definitely two words I can live up to. Throughout my life, I have felt like a warrior of sorts. I’ve learned to toughen up and to make a stand for myself when necessary. It was inevitable that I would learn strength and courage because of the incredible examples I had while growing up! My Grandmother Elfi has been the most influential person in my life, thus far. She was a perfect and peaceful warrior. Serene and gentle and strong in her faith. My mother, Rosa, has been my foundation and biggest support. Each others side-kick. I learned from my mother that true relationships aren’t 50/50, they are 100/100. And I am 100% a fan of Mama Rosa. My father, Larry, has taught me many lessons. One of the key most important things I have learned from my father is to never assume. When I was deliberating whether or not to come out to my parents at the age of 19, I assumed that my father was going to be upset and could possibly right me off. When in fact, my father was the first person to commend me on my bravery and swore never to stop loving me, no matter what. I will never forget the moment I unveiled the true “me” to my father, while sitting in a car in the Burger King Parking lot. I guessed you could say that my Dad got a “Whopper” with his coffee! Another important teacher for me has been Jason, my love. Jason has continued to teach me everyday to be stronger, forgiving of faults and patient in relationships. I am so honored to be with someone that reminds me so much of the qualities that my grandmother had. I look up to Jason for his bravery and determination to always see the brighter side of life!

The following 26 posts are inspired by a book that my dear friend Becky recommended to me a few years ago, “Totally Joe”, by James Howe. The story is about a young boy who receives an assignment in school to write an Alpha-biography. The story of his life from A to Z. Every chapter began with the next letter of the Alphabet and each chapter ended with a “Life Lesson”. And for the past 3-4 years, since I’ve read the book I’ve wanted to do the same. So here goes, my life, a map of the path that I have lived. A to Z.
Stay tuned for the next post… “B” is for Becky!

LIFE LESSON: When I am not able to find my own strength I can look to my loved ones. They have consistently pushed me in the right direction when I am not able to find the right path.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ruth Fertel says.....

Hello my 6 followers! The few, the loyal, my friends! God love ya!

I have wanted to blog several times over the last few weeks. However, my new job as kept me extremely busy! And extremely exhausted! Even now I wonder if I have the energy to get out everything that has been coursing through my mind. So forgive the grammar and free flowing thoughts, it's 10:30pm, and I worked 13 hours today! @#$%^! That's a lot! I didn't realize that until now! I have also meant to call and get in touch with several friends and family the last week and just have not had the time. And if the time was there, it was probably spent eating, sleeping, or... Regardless, I have felt horribly guilt for not making the time to connect! So this blog will have to suffice for now. And possible help make me feel better about not making those phone calls or sending those emails.

Anyhow, the new job has been really great! I am the Sales and Events Manager for the New Ruth's Chris Steak House. Basically I am the "Restaurant Bitch"! I do anything it takes to get the job done! Which I've never had a hard time doing. And really I love it! My new managers have been so fun and have been very complimentary about the work I have been doing. In fact, I literally recieved a pat-on-the-back my first day. The funny thing is, due to the lack of gratitude and support from my previous employeer, I flinched at the literal pat-on-the-back and thought someone had put a "kick me" sign on my back! Which I still wouldn't put past my new managers. As nice as they are, they are also real smart asses. Which I love!

Today was day number 1 of training the 70 new employees at Ruth's Chris. Fifteen trainers have flown from all over the states to help us with our openning and training. This morning was full of introductions and getting a general idea of what to expect over the next 10 days of training. Ha! I thought I was busy now... the next 10 days should prove to be longer and more demanding. And I am ready for it! BRING IT ON! Today, I also learned about Ms. Ruth Fertel, the founder and original owner of "Ruth's Chris". Ruth has a wonderful motto that I have heard repeated several times over the last few weeks. " LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE! " It makes me feel extremely lucky to have have been presented with such an incredible opportunity to start from the beginning of a great new venture with several remarkable people that I have known for several years. I am truly finding myself in a place where I can honestly say that I am doing what I love and loving what I am doing. And also love who I am doing it with and for! I am in my personal right place at the right time. I feel as though I have caught back up to the universe and the space where I belong. I was just lost for a bit. Feels good to be back on my path!

So, todays light shines from Ms. Ruth Fertel. A genuine spitfire southern bell! I hope to make you proud Ruth!

YAwwn! Okay, the sand man just came through and I think I can muster up enough energy to finish and publich this post!

Stay tuned, I am hoping to get in to some Tarot Action this weekend. Anyone interested in a long distance Tarot Reading? Of course you would have to be willing to share the reading on my post. But I'd be more than happy to read for you!

Love ya'll! Hope you are finding light everyday!