Monday, January 31, 2011

How Big is Your World?

There are over 7,081,572,900 people in this world. And every single individual on this planet shares at least one thing in common. It's an ability we all have. The ability to change or affect another person's destiny. At any random moment you could cross paths with someone that will forever change your life or theirs. Whether by chance or by fate, you are bound to have your life transformed because of the actions of another.

I am also a total believer in Synchronicity. Synchronicity is an occurrence of multiple events, not determined or planned before hand, and end up having a meaningful impact. For example, my bff Tiffany used to bug me to download a Game-app on my iphone. Took me awhile, but I finally downloaded Words with friends. Basically, Words with Friends is a scrabble game that can be played from a phone with anyone with the same application. The game also allows you to play randomly against an anonymous player. I guessed that the random person would be somewhat local, or at least within a 3,000 mile radius. Really I had no idea how far a player could be selected. A few months ago I started playing against, "Kit-B". I assumed "Kit-B" to be female and to live within the States. After a few games "Kit-B" started sending a few messages through our game.

Mostly, messages like, "Hey nice game!" or, "Hope you have a nice day!" Extremely polite gaming-conversation considering most of the messages sent from other players consisted of death threats or catchy phrases like, "Yo mama's so fat she's on both sides of the family!" or my favorite from "Juke1919", "eat dirt, turd bag!" Anyhow, "Kit-B" was a breath of fresh air and I could tell that she would probably be interested in furthering our "Words" relationship. I took it to the next level and asked where she was from. I was utterly shocked when I saw her reply.... AUSTRALIA! Forget about a 600,000lb. 747 gliding through the air. Or taking an organ and transplanting it into another person. How the hell is it possible for me to instantly play scrabble with someone on the other side of the planet? My world got a little smaller. On a daily basis I look forward to the next update from "Kit-B" a.k.a. Kristen B.. Seriously, the girl has me in stitches on a daily basis. Lately, our conversations have been about flying midgets, ex-boyfriends, and the dramas of eating and drinking less. There is also talk of meeting up in Vegas in June! My new "Words"-friend has become a permanent fixture in my life. Not only do I call my own mother everyday, but I now have to check in with my favorite Aussie. A day is not complete without a few messages exchanged.

So, how big is your world? Just how open and receptive are you to new friends?

My "Word" friend has reminded me how small the world can be. And how connected we really are. I think what the world needs now is a little, "Words with Friends".