Thursday, March 10, 2011

Painting, Wine, and Shoes

It finally happened. After 9 months I finally picked up a paintbrush! The result? Two paintings in two days. I've had a lot of inspiration lately... The first painting was inspired by my dear new friend Kristen in Australia. The gurl is a shoe-hoard! She recently cleaned out her car and found 8 pairs of shoes that she had completely forgotten about.

So a painting for a fabulous pair of shoes seemed appropriate for her. I called the painting, "A Pair Never to Wear". The painting has now made its way across the world to Melbourne, Australia. It is the furthest Andrew original to date. I'M INTERNATIONAL!!!!!

The second painting was inspired by my Boss Don. Don celebrated his birthday last week. I knew the painting would need to be truly original, elegant and fun. I was somewhat nervous about attempting to paint something for him and his house. His house is like a gallery already. Creating something to compete for wall space in his house was a challenge. Again, the result was picture perfect. Not only did Don love the painting, but he had it framed and hung within a day or two of receiving it. I was very flattered that he was so quick to find a home for the painting!

Next on the painting agenda... I have 6 paintings to crank out. Five of which I offered to the first five people that responded to a facebook post. And the paintings couldn't go to 5 more deserving and random friends. Melanie Hardman, a neighbor from the first house I lived in, someone I have know my entire life. Stefanie Peacock, my boy friend Jason's cousin. Rachel Sharwell, a friend I have worked with, several years ago and again currently. Kristen Johnson, a friend of a friend who has become a dear friend. And my brother, Larry, whom I haven't painted for since I was in High School. The 6th painting has been a long time coming. a life long friend has yet to receive an Andrew Benson original. I'm not sure why it has taken so long. Not the right time? Not the right ideas? Who knows. So... I am opening my mind to the universe for divine inspiration to create a work of art that will be both beautiful and also show the sincere love, devotion and appreciation I have for this friend...

Six paintings by the end of the month? possible? Here's hoping!


  1. I love your work Andrew, truly a man with MANY talents!
    You inspire me!
    Love you!

  2. Both paintings are so amazing!! And that is so awesome about the first to respond to a post! I would have responded if I were on facebook, but I am lucky to have some Andrew originals ~ The Dragonfly is my favorite! :)
    You are so incredibly talented! I cannot wait to see what you create for everyone else!
    Love you!

  3. I am amazed at how focused you are! I cant finish anything in one month except maybe a box of wine!

  4. Karlin: It takes you a whole month to finish one box of wine. Girl, you need some serious help! And when I say serious help I mean me coming over and helping you finish that wine sooner!