Monday, April 12, 2010

Thelma and Louise go to Hurricane Utah

Everyone needs a Thelma! Someone you can always trust to have your back! Someone that would drop anything to be by your side when you needed it most! Someone you can tell your deepest, darkest secrets too and never judge or betray you. And someone to make that road trip with. My Thelma is Charles. Charles and I have been friends for over 8 years. Four of which were spent dating. And while the dating relationship didnt work out. Our friendship has flourished and grown stronger. Even my current love, Jason, has grown quite close to Charles. I am lucky to be with such an accepting and loving boyfriend like Jason. Jason deserves most of the credit for my friendship with Charles. It wouldn't be possible if Jason were..... well, anything like me! ha ha! (love ya babe!)

Yesterday, Thelma and I hit the road and headed south on a road trip. Just a quick get away out of Salt Lake. And an opportunity to spend a little time with my parents before I start my new job next week. The four hour drive down to Hurricane flew by. Mostly because we chatted and gossiped the whole way down here. Char and I can talk about anything. From family and friends. To loves and hates. The good, the bad. The Past and the future. He knows my heart and can help me make sense of situations when clarity isn't so understandable on my own. So, if you are reading this, there is a good chance we were gossiping about you!

Today, we took a few four-wheelers out with my Dad and his friend. (Even my dad has a Thelma! Although I think my Dad would rather refer to his friend by his first name, John). We all had a blast. Nothing like seeing two full grown men on Four-Wheelers being followed by two "Queens of the Desert", playing "photo-shoot". Taking pictures of each other at every angle, modeling on the four wheeler. (Refer to facebook for full photoshoot). At the begining of our photo-shoot adventure, Char and I were a both a little nervous about having to trust the other driving OUR four-wheeler. I mean come on, Charles drives like an old lady and when you are faced with a steep sand dune, you don't necessarily want to meander your way up. You need to gun it man! And yes, I know I am just as crazy of a driver as my mother, Mama Rosa. The woman can talk on a cell phone, put on makeup, eat, and still make it to her destination, without really even glacing at the road once. It's like she has a sixth sense that guides her. Anyhow, trusting each other was at first an uneasy obstacle. But quickly, I was reminded that it's just fun to be with Char. And there is something about him that just makes you feel safe. He's easy to trust. And easy to talk to you. Anyone is lucky to be able to get to know him. And any guy would be lucky to date him. Don't get me wrong now... even though Char and I broke up, I still think the world of him. And would still trust my life in his hands. I might just scream a little on the way. Sorry again Dad!

Charles is definitely a light in my life... my flashlight! Ever guiding me, helping me, and giving me a sense of security. Thanks Charles, my Thelma, my friend! I know I can always count you for a laugh, a shoulder, a cocktail, or just some good ol' fashioned gossip!

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  1. LOVE this post!! Love you and love Charles! I am so very lucky to have both of you in my life and as my lights! :)
    Have a great time! Love you and thinking of you both! See you soon! :)
    Love, Tiffers