Friday, September 3, 2010

Been to long!

Its been way to long since the last post. Since the last post I've traveled to New Orleans for work. Had the Flu of the century and dropped 8 lbs. And I've been squeezing the last out of the last days of summer.

This coming weekend is Labor Day Weekend, three days off, not much planned. So I immediately begin making my own personal honey-do lists. Right now the list consist of chores, duties and organizing. But here's the really pathetic part. I find myself also planning times to enjoy time. Like reminding yourself to breathe.

8:30 am, Wake up, straighten house
9:30 am, Finish laundry
10:00 am, Sit on porch and relax
10:01 am, Finish painting living room

Do you find yourself doing that too? Or are you the kind of person I want so much to be like? Just dealing with what comes your way. Enjoying life all the time, not when scheduled.Able to relax when not in motion. I can't seem to not be in motion. There is always something that needs to be done. And yet, I know in the back of my mind that fi something doesn't get done. It will be there for me tomorrow. I guess I fear that tomorrow my honey-do list gets longer and longer. And reality is that my lists do get longer and longer. Where is the stillness? 

Tonight I start a new class, T'ai Chi. In addition to being healthy for mind and body, I am taking T'ai Chi to learn the Art of Stillness. I can hardly wait. I plan sharing the experience in the next entry.

Last night, after work, I attempted stillness. I pulled out the hammock and grabbed the dog. Ellie, my little Lahso Apso quietly laid upon my chest as I drifted in and out of sleep, while we swayed in the hammock. After a quick nap, I found myself very content watching and studying Ellie. She was so still, head up and alert, but had remained still on my chest for over an hour. Her ears would perk up with the sounds from the neighborhood, but she remained perched and watching. Content and quiet. No to-do lists. No agendas. Just the moment. There is something to be learned from the contentment of a dog.

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  1. Missed you in blog land for a while! :) Glad you are back! Love the lessons you learn from Ellie! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to hear about Tai Chi!! :) sounds awesome!